What is the greatest investment?

What is the greatest investment? Stocks? Mutual Funds? Real-estate properties? Owning a business?
The greatest investment you can make is to invest in yourself. It provides an immediate rate of return minus the risks. It also elevates your overall potential, possible earnings and help you discover new passions and interests. In my graduate studies, a classmate of mine worked in the BPO/Call Center industry for 2 years. He invested in learning more about computer hardware and network connections. He is now the CEO of his own fiber optic connections company earning, at the minimum, hundreds of thousands of pesos per transaction. He just recently built a 10.5 million house for his parents.
But how will you invest in yourself? Below are some of the things you can do which may or may not be applicable depending on your life situation. Complete your bachelor’s degree. I completed mine just last June 30, 2017 (around 3 months ago) at the age of 31. This enabled me to take my MBA and pass the…